Restaurant Exhaust Fans and Make-up Air Systems


The Exhaust and Make up Air systems are very important part of a commercial kitchen. The Exhaust is the part of the ventilation that deals in the removal and/or treatment of air form the kitchen. Commercial kitchens have a high output of smoke, odours and grease among other things. Considering the amount of food that is being prepared at any one time, you need restaurant exhaust hoods, exhaust fans and make up air to keep your kitchen smoke and odour free. There is also a great amount of residual heat that the exhaust fans remove.

We offer a range of commercial cooking ventilation systems which we can install in your commercial kitchen. Restaurant ventilation is not just a matter of initiative but also a requirement by legislation in order to operate such a cooking facility. Installing a Commercial Cooking Exhaust System will ensure that you are in compliance with regulations regarding the building and design code of commercial cooking.

So how can you meet compliance, cost and efficiency at the same time? Our components are fabricated from stainless steel in a variety of sizes depending on the particular requirements of your commercial kitchen. We offer commercial exhaust systems, ventilation systems and make up air units for your cooking facility.

There are three main components of a complete ventilation system, the exhaust hood, the exhaust fan and the makeup air system which work together to keep your kitchen smoke and grease free. The cooking vapours are grease laden and need to be exhausted in a manner in accordance with the building codes in effect, namely NFPA 96.

The cooking exhaust systems work by removing and expelling outside these grease laden vapours and smoke. The exhaust system has three different components that enable it to do this. There is the hood, the duct work and the exhaust fan typically installed on the roof.

On the other hand, the makeup air system brings in clean fresh air into the kitchen from the outside. The two components are supposed to work in a balance in order to ensure that there is clean air in circulation as well as efficient removal of the vapours, smoke and grease.

There are many players that are usually involved in the installation of commercial cooking ventilation systems. We work with a number of mechanical engineers who can take care of the design drawings and if required can help with the building permit application.

Other important players involved in the process of designing a restaurant may include architects, engineers and designers.

The commercial cooking ventilation systems that we install are sourced by reputable manufacturers well known and established in this industry. Maintenance of the system is essential for long durability and efficiency after installation. Through experience in installing these restaurant hoods, fans and make up air systems, we are able to offer quality service and maintenance that will ensure your equipment will serve you for many years.


You can request a quote with information about the size of your commercial kitchen and the type of the ventilation system you want. You are guaranteed to get a great job done at a very reasonable price.