Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Fan Service & Repair in GTA

If you have problems with your exhaust fan in your restaurant kitchen – call us at 416-364-9222 and we will keep you cooking.

We highly recommend periodic maintenance to your exhaust system. Missing on service can lead to more costly repairs in the future.

Bearings should be periodically greased. Skipping on this maintenance leads to damaged and broken bearings.

Damaged Bearing

Photo 1

Broken Bearing

Photo 3

Broken Bearing

Photo 2

Worn out belts will break during operational hours leading to loss of business at critical time.

Worn ou belt

Broken bearings lead to broken Blower Wheels. By now the damage is so extensive that the entire Fan needs to be replaced.

Photo 4

Here is another example of lack of maintenance. Wild animals have made a home out of this Exhaust Fan.

Photo 5


We provide our customer in Greater Toronto area commercial kitchen exhaust fan repair and maintenance services. Whether you have a small restaurant or a large commercial cooking facility and require exhaust fan maintenance or repair, do not hesitate to contact us at 416-364-9222 for a cost effective, reliable and dependable service.

We offer scheduled maintenance service as well as one time repair calls. No job is too or too large and our rates are the most competitive, coupled with warranty for every job performed.